ANK Santa Fe Muay Thai

Santa Fe's Original Thai Boxing School

ANK Santa Fe Muay Thai is Santa Fe's premier Muay Thai School: a Santa Fe institution for over 17 years..

We offer Muay Thai, Westernized Boxing, Kali/Escrima, Brazilian Jujitsu, Judo, Fitness Classes and Personal Training, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), Krav Maga - Classes for adults and robust programs for children and teens.

ANK Santa Fe Muay Thai offers private instruction in all the disciplines practiced at ANK: take your grappling and striking skills to the next level by working one on one, or in small groups, with our instructors.  We also offer personal training around strength, conditioning and fat-loss/weight management for those looking to perform and feel their best. We have experienced male and female trainers at your disposal, and we work with children, teens and adults: athletes, competitors and folks just trying to lose a few pounds.

ANK Santa Fe Muay Thai serves as a base of operations for Fighter's Physique Personal Training where you can be personally trained by professional instructors and fighters. 

Give us a call at 505-473-400 or contact over facebook at Fighters' Physique  or email us at to setup your session.

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